At Classique Bespoke we design and manufacture furniture for every room in the home, from a fitted wardrobe to a home cinema media unit, turn your home into a Classique Bespoke home with innovation and style.


Fitted Wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes by Classique are truly bespoke: design, decor and dimensions are all variable factors that make each individual installation unique.

Our Bedrooms are our sanctuary, our calm and our escape. A place where you can retire at the end of a long day and completely switch off.  However, if you find that your room is gathering clutter and lacking organisation, our range of fitted furniture and storage solutions can help. Our team of expert designers is on hand to work with you every step of the way. Each room we create is fittingly unique, practical, functional and meets all of your personal requirements. Experts in designing fitted furniture, Classique will deliver high-quality handmade furniture for your bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk-in areas.


Fitted Traditional & Modern Kitchens

Every Classique kitchen is designed and built specifically for each individual client, which means that no two kitchens are the same.

Each design has been tailor-made to suit our client’s lifestyles and personal tastes. Our kitchens are stylish and uncomplicated with contemporary touches that breathe new life into your home. We combine modern designs with top-of-the-range appliances and innovative technology. We design and build every one of our kitchens to be inspiring and impressive. The level of workmanship detail shown in our kitchens is a hallmark of every Classique product. Our end result is always an exquisite bespoke kitchen that has functionality and beauty at its heart.


Fitted Bathroom Suites

Bathrooms have often been over looked when designing furniture around the home, however the focus is increasingly moving more on fitted bathrooms, which is now more of a private spa and much cosier overall. It is transforming into an area in the home where people spend more time to pamper body and soul.


Fitted Home Office Furniture

Working from home has always been popular, especially among small business owners. Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for home office installations not only from small business owners but also from employees of larger companies who are able to work from home but require specific storage requirements.


Fitted Lounge furniture

Fitted lounge furniture holds significant importance in transforming a living space into a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Its tailored design and precision craftsmanship ensure optimal utilisation of available space, making it a key element in interior design. By seamlessly integrating with the room’s dimensions and layout, fitted lounge furniture creates a cohesive and organised atmosphere.

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