Accessible Bathroom

Project Details

Elevate accessibility and elegance in our recent bathroom installation. Innovatively designed with strategic mobility aids, including a sleek shower seat and discreet hand grabs. Thoughtfully curated color palette enhances the serene ambiance. A harmonious fusion of form, function, and style, redefining modern living.

Renewed Foundations

The project's genesis lay in the removal of the existing bathroom suite. This initial step provided us with a pristine canvas to embark upon an ambitious journey of revitalization. By clearing the slate, we were able to envision a space that embodies both practicality and aesthetics.

Designing for Inclusivity

Central to our vision was an unwavering dedication to inclusivity. We introduced mobility aids that not only enhance the bathroom's functionality but also harmoniously merge with its ambiance. A strategically positioned shower seat became a focal point, seamlessly integrating with the contemporary design while catering to diverse mobility needs.

Enabling Safety and Support

Safety takes precedence in our design ethos. We strategically installed discreet yet robust hand grabs in the shower area and adjacent to the toilet. These aids are not just functional; they contribute to the overall design language, blending seamlessly with the environment while offering crucial support.

A Palette of Perfection

In the art of interior design, color selection is paramount. The meticulous collaboration between our expert designers and the client resulted in a harmonious fusion of colors for tiles and cabinetry. Each hue was carefully curated to create a tranquil atmosphere, transforming the bathroom into a sanctuary of serenity and renewal.

Smoke Green

Standard Matt Woodgrain


Laminate Worktop