About Us

Classique is a family run fitted furniture brand. The Classique signature: bespoke design, precision in-house manufacturing and then installation with meticulous attention to detail permeates all that we do. It started with the concept to provide bespoke furniture where design, materials and dimensions were truly bespoke. From fitted furniture in bedrooms our passion and concept expanded into other rooms whilst always remaining true to our signature.

We work with individual clients, architects, and interior designers who share our passion for design, functionality, and precision engineering. At the heart of our business is the belief that anything is possible due to the totally bespoke nature of our brand. Designing and manufacturing our furniture allows us to work without the constraints of standard sizes and allows us total creative freedom.

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Our process

Classique Bedrooms have been designing and manufacturing bespoke wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes for over 30 years. What makes Classique so unique is our truly bespoke tailored service, we design, manufacture, and install wardrobes for our clients throughout Oxfordshire.

All furniture manufactured by Classique starts from scratch, with a great team of designers who can help you make a completely bespoke wardrobe suited to your needs. Come visit our design team who will create a functional design unique to your requirements.