Door Styles


Fusion 01

Fusion 02


Traditional Shaker



Traditionally made with a 7 piece construction, the Shaker door style creates a traditional feel for any room throughout the house. Popular originally in kitchens, over the years the Shaker door has started to appear more frequently in other rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms.


Similar to the traditional Shaker door the Classic door removes the middle rail, this gives the Classic door a more linear and modern look than a traditional door.


We pride ourselves in our advanced work for CNC manufacture and product design. The Fusion door was created in-house at Classique utilising the design expertise of our designers alongside the technical know-how of our manufacturing team. The fusion door has no boundaries and creates one-of-a-kind finishes that no other company can compete with.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe, Colonial Grange Oak


Clean, simple, and modern, that’s the Pure door style. The Pure door has an impressive decor collection and is the most popular door in our range. Modern surface materials are well at home with the pure door, create something special today.