Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe, Colonial Grange Oak

Project Details

In this bespoke project, our client embarked on a full-scale renovation of their newly acquired home, seeking to infuse each of their four bedrooms with a “warm and cozy” ambiance. Our mission was clear: design, manufacture, and install custom bedroom furniture that not only met their functional needs but also elevated the aesthetic appeal of each space.

Project Scope

Our creative journey encompassed four distinct bedrooms, each with its unique personality and character. The overarching goal was to instill a sense of warmth and coziness while ensuring the furniture was practical and elegant.

Design and Material Selection

To achieve this, we chose Colonial Grange Oak as the primary decor material. Its rich, earthy tones and timeless appeal perfectly aligned with the desired aesthetic. This choice allowed us to craft furniture that exuded both comfort and style.

The Master Bedroom: A Standout Sanctuary

In the master bedroom, we went the extra mile by incorporating bespoke standalone pieces. These exceptional creations were distinguished by their exquisite details, featuring smoked bronze hardware that added a touch of luxury and sophistication. This thoughtful addition transformed the master suite into a sanctuary, where the clients could retreat to unwind and rejuvenate.

Colonial Grange Oak

Colonial Grange Oak

Standard Woodgrain

Smoked Bronze T Knob

Buster & Punch

Matt Black

Hairpin Legs



This project exemplifies our commitment to creating spaces that not only meet practical needs but also resonate with the emotional desires of our clients. The Colonial Grange Oak decor, paired with the exquisite smoked bronze hardware, brought the vision of warm and cozy bedrooms to life, making our client’s home truly their own.


“Really impressed with the drawings and designs of the wardrobes and draws, but even more impressed with the finished product. Very neat, tidy, and skilled workers. I am so happy that I decided to choose them, would very much recommend them. Love the result”