600ml Cleaning Agent for Sensitive Surfaces Spray

Special cleaning agent suitable for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces, removing grease, pencils and markers. It cleans residual adhesive and paper stickers.


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600ml Cleaning Agent for Sensitive Surfaces Spray

Product Description

What’s included:

  • 1 x 600ml Cleaning agent spray
  • 1 x Microfibre cloth

Scope of Application:

  • Cleaning of furniture
  • Cleaning of plastic, glass, and mirrors
  • Removing grease, pencils, markers
  • Removing residual adhesives and paper stickers


Highly efficient but gentle universal cleanser Hraniclean 08 in spray is widely used. It can be used for sensitive surfaces in the furniture industry, e.g., high gloss furniture parts, sensitive and dark surfaces (e.g., black and anthracite). It reliably cleans laminate furniture even in high gloss and matte.
Furthermore, it can be used for cleaning of glass, mirrors, and some plastics. It removes traces of grease, pencils, and markers. It is also excellent for kitchen extractor hood cleaning.


Apply cleanser Hraniclean 08 in spray on the surface and wipe immediately with a microfibre cloth Hraniwipe or paper towel. Immediate wiping brings you the best results without smudge, even on glossy or matte surfaces.
If you want to remove paper stickers, apply this cleanser product on the surface of the label and let it work for a few minutes. Test the product before use.

Packaging and Storage:

Store in the original closed package for a maximum of 36 months, from the date of filling.
For detailed information, see the technical and Safety Data Sheet of the product.

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